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Download WhatsApp Spy software for Android or Iphone


Discover how to spy on WhatsApp to Track Messages and Chats.

Have you ever heard of mSpy and StealthGenie? If these two names are not familiar to you, it’s time to learn more about them! mSpy and StealthGenie are applications used for remote monitoring of mobile phones. These apps are commonly referred to as ‘spyware’.

One of the common features among the many options they offer is the capability of spying on WhatsApp instant messenger – the enormously popular exchange and discussion platform downloaded worldwide.

What is WhatsApp?
WhatsApp is an application, a software program that can be downloaded and installed on a Smartphone, such as: iPhone Android Blacberry Nokia Windows Phone Once installed, this application is used for chat and exchanging pictures, videos, texts, etc. WhatsApp is free and this is the key of its huge success! WhatsApp allows you to stay in constant touch with your friends and send them messages for free. In short, WhatsApp is a modern software application which enables simple, personal exchange of information and media with online contacts around the world.
WhatsApp offers the following features:
Instant Messaging

Instant Messaging

Chat in real time & group discussions


of photos and images
Sharing of video

Sharing of video

and audio files
Geo location :

Geo location :

sharing of geographical position
The compatibility of various devices is not a problem with WhatsApp!

WhatsApp is a novel technological advance because it actually allows all smartphones – no matter which brand or operating system – to communicate between each other. Example: with WhatsApp you can share and communicate with an Android phone even if you are using an iPhone.

Communicate and stay in touch with people who are important to you.
WhatsApp allows you to stay in touch with all your friends and contacts – wherever they are and whatever their type of phone is. Imagine going on a trip abroad: you’ll be taking unique photos of exotic places which you will want to share. Instantly, and free of charge, you’ll be able to send these photos to the other side of the world in a few clicks, to your friends’ and family’s phones. You can also post your geographical position in real time (Rio, Paris, London, Tokyo…).
Here are the screenshots:



Screenshot Phone 1


Target Phone






As you can see, it works perfectly with both software products.
Spy Apps for monitoring and Tracking WhatsApp Messages
Now that you have learned more about WhatsApp, you may be able to imagine that through such an application, some very interesting and personal information may be exchanged. So if you’re a spouse harboring doubts about the loyalty of your partner, or an anxious parent worried about your teenager, the WhatsApp spy feature provided by mSpy or StealthGenie spyware may be an essential capability for monitoring a targeted user.
Closer monitoring :
These days many people live out a large part of their private lives on networks such as WhatsApp. There is a lot of personal information passing through these instant messaging programs. WhatsApp is now one of the most downloaded applications for instant chat in the world. The ability to monitor content exchanged on WhatsApp gives you discreet access to your target user’s private life and a chance to clear up any doubts about their behavior. If you suspect, for instance, that your husband is cheating or that your child is using drugs, being able to see what is being shared on WhatsApp could very well shed light on the subject.
Why would you want to spy on WhatsApp?
We would all like to have relationships built on trust, but sometimes the truth can only be revealed through spying. Unfortunately, some people do not always tell the truth about their private lives away from home. Children often conceal many things from their parents, and this can lead to very dangerous situations. Kids are faced with temptations and pressure from many sides and the Internet can be a very perilous place, indeed. Parents have a responsibility to keep track of the childrens’ activities and, in this modern world, a great portion of their social lives is occurring online.
WhatsApp and other similar apps are also very popular with adults and can be used to conceal extramarital activity. It’s relatively easy to hide an affair with the use of WhatsApp – there will be no obvious calls or text messages left on the phone’s main screen and the guilty party has a way to exchange messages, photos or other content without it being in the open. A cheating spouse can easily disguise his or her activities by using WhatsApp, but with one of these three spyware packages, you’ll be able to find out exactly what is going on.
Applications such as WhatsApp have become one of the main ways kids communicate with each other and having discreet access to the content of these apps gives parents a powerful tool for staying informed about what is occurring in their child’s world.
No one wants to snoop, but there are situations that warrant some surreptitious monitoring and spyware such as mSpy or StealthGenie allows worried parents or suspicious spouses to get to the bottom of things, once and for all.
Here are some examples from everyday life:

Do you suspect that your child spends late nights chatting and talking with friends on his or her smartphone?

Do you feel that your teen is distant and not sharing the details of his or her social life? Are you concerned that your kid is being bullied or is associating with bad influences? Your child’s WhatsApp activity can reveal a lot about what’s really going on, and with a WhatsApp spy feature, you’ll be able to monitor everything from a distance without being detected. Sometimes it is necessary to take action before a child ends up in real trouble – don’t leave things to chance, especially if you’ve noticed changes in behavior or if you suspect something isn’t right.

Is your spouse arriving home late more often than usual?

Have there been subtle changes in behavior – evasiveness, lack of intimacy, changes in habits? Is there suddenly an ‘old friend’ who seems to require a lot of attention? There are many potential signs of cheating, but the problem is that many or all of them may also be indicators of completely innocent behavior. The last thing you want to do is confront your partner or spouse if your suspicions have not been confirmed. If he or she is innocent, the results could be disastrous and if the person is guilty, he or she may simply deny any wrongdoing. With a window into WhatsApp, you’ll be able to view what’s really going on, without your partner’s knowledge. Having doubts about the activities of those you care about can be extremely torturous, causing you to lose sleep and feel constantly anxious. Sure, you could hire a private detective, but that’s a very expensive and often ineffective option. Or you could attempt to follow a person around yourself, spying on their every move, but that’s a highly impractical solution.

With today’s technology, there are easy and inexpensive methods for getting at the truth. Installing a spy app on a person’s smartphone is the cheapest, easiest and most effective way to get the answers you need and the peace of mind you desire.
How to Track WhatsApp Messages?

It’s very simple! Follow our step by step tutorial on how to spy on WhatsApp: StealthGenie and mSpy spyware are stealthy and efficient software packages that can be downloaded and installed onto the target phone you want to track and monitor (the phone of your child, for example). Once the spyware is installed, it will activate a system which monitors and records any and all phone activity, including all information and data shared and exchanged on WhatsApp.

This data is then transmitted by the software to a private online account to which only you have access to – from your smartphone, home computer, or from anywhere else you have an internet connection. You simply log into your protected account and then read and view all the collected data. You can monitor the target phone in realtime or view the data at your convenience.

Whichever spy application you choose – mSpy or StealthGenie – all are invisible once installed. The user of the targeted smartphone will never discover that he or she is being monitored. There are no icons or any signal that the program is installed and functioning.

Another bonus of these two spy programs:

it is not necessary to possess any special technical knowledge about software or smartphones. Any user can install and use mSpy or StealthGenie – even those who are not tech-savvy at all. These programs provide users with simple step-by-step installation guides and if there are any difficulties or questions, all three companies offer free customer support.

Using mSpy or StealthGenie to spy on WhatsApp




On iPhone & Android On iPhone & Android

Required version

Gold version for iPhone  and Platinum version for Android Premium Version

Available languages

English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Turkish and Korean (with new languages to be added very soon) English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Turkish , Russian, Swedish, Polish, Arabic, Korean and Chinese


100% 100%


Spy on all photos exchanged on WhatsApp (and saved on phone) checkarrow
Spy on all videos exchanged on WhatsApp (and saved on phone) checkarrow
Spy on all audio files exchanged on WhatsApp (and saved on phone) checkarrow
Spy on tchat (discussion) and get date and time stamps checkarrow checkarrow
Spy on registered contacts : all WhatsApp users registered checkarrow checkarrow
Spy on geographical position : sent throught WhatsApp checkarrow

  1. Download the WhatsApp spy software of your choice (StealthGenie, mSpy)
  2. Buy a license online (secure payment)
  3. Receive an email for confirmation
  4. Create your account online (secure and protected)
  5. Install the software on the target phone
  6. Check your online account to view collected data exchanged via WhatsApp
Other features included!

In addition to the Spy on WhatsApp feature, downloading spyware such as StealthGenie or mSpy means you will have access to all the other capabilities of these programs. This means that you will not only have the ideal tool to monitor WhatsApp in your hands, but you will also have access to all the other powerful spy phone features, such as the ability to spy on SMS, all emails, all Internet activities and URLs visited. You’ll also be able spy on contacts, view GPS position in real time (as well as route history), calls received and made, photo and videos exchanged – even intercept live calls!

Find out more about available features at

Each one of these spyware packages offers a different set of features, prices and compatibilities. To learn more about each of these spyware programs (StealthGenie and mSpy), visit – there you’ll find detailed info on all the features and capabilities of each of the most popular spyware packages, along with reviews and other valuable information. The website will help you make an informed decision on which package suits your individual needs and technical requirements (note: it is very important to make sure that the spyware package you wish to purchase is the right one for your targeted phone’s operating system).

Find out exactly what each of these spyware bundles offer and make a choice based on cost and the features that are useful to you. Although all of these packages have some common features, each also offers something unique that the others don’t have. The website will give you the pros and cons of each spyware package so that you can purchase the one that’s best for you.

The price of these Spy Apps packages
  • $89.993 months
  • Gold Version for iphone
    • Also included :
    • GPS location feature with
    • geo-fencing ability
  • Buy Now
  • $109.993 months
  • Platinum for Android
    • Also included :
    • GPS location feature with
    • geo-fencing ability
  • Buy Now
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  • $69.991 month
  • Premium Version for iPhone
    • Keylogger tracking feature
    • Gps location
    • Call tracking
  • Download
  • $119.993 months
  • Premium Version for iPhone
    • Keylogger tracking feature
    • Gps location
    • Call tracking
  • Download
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Don’t wait any longer to discover the truth – with StealthGenie or mSpy, you’re just a few clicks away from the answers you need…